Uganda- My African Home <3

As a young person living and working in London I find that we can get caught up within ourselves and can find it difficult to switch off from work mode. It is also a competitive environment where judgement is thrown about often and people don’t consider how fortunate they are to live a somewhat carefree life full of opportunity and support. 

When the opportunity to go to Uganda arose I was incredibly excited,  to see a part of the world so different from my own was thrilling to me, I am a huge fan or travelling and  find it exciting going to new places , I particularly like going to parts of the world which are less explored. 

Having discussed the trip with Claudia years early at university I never imagined it would become a reality. 

We travelled to Uganda as a group some of the group I knew some I didn’t, which I enjoyed as it allowed me the opportunity to meet new people and share the incredibly experience that was Uganda and I can say I have made some great new friends. 

My very favourite part of our trip to Uganda was the day we arrived , after spending the best part of a day travelling to touch down on a different land was great. The sun was beaming as we arrived and we were picked up from the airport by uncle Isma (one of the funniest men I’ve ever met) , driving from the airport to the infamous weaver beach was incredible taking in the sites as we drove down dirt track roads (a huge juxtaposition from daily London life). Arriving at weaver beach was my very favourite moment, seeing my good friend from university Claudia reconciling with her grandmother / great grandmother and rest of her family , truly touched my heart and reminded me of the important parts of life. This moment set the tone for the rest of the trip where we met the most incredible people, every person I met was incredibly excited that I was a visitor in there country , I have never before experienced such enthusiasm from local people to tourists. 

During our stay at weaver beach our hosts went the extra mile to ensure we enjoyed our stay, throwing us an amazing party the night we arrived alongside the local villagers and workers of weaver beach. We were treated to good hospitality everyday. I particular enjoyed the experience of planting a tree on weaver beach with their gardener. The stay at weaver beach felt like an escape from the rest of the world and allowed me time to reflect on my own life as well as those around me. It was great to play with the local kids and my friend Claudia younger family while we were staying at weaver beach. 

The experience at weaver beach was the best way to start our trip to Uganda and if I could have I would have loved to have stayed longer , but there was a lot more the country that we were going to see , every part of the country had a different feel it almost felt as if you were in lots of different parts of the world at once. 

The trip has left me with lifelong memory’s made with new and olds friends. As well as a new found admiration and respect for my own life. I especially loved meeting the rest of my friend Claudia’s family and I look forward to returning to Uganda one day to catch up and meet with them all again. 

Uganda’s Holds a special place in my heart and I know that I will returning again. 

Ashley Tarrant-fisher

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