Things you need to know before visiting Uganda?

Like any other trip, it is always handy to know a bit about the country and area of destination. That’s why we thought to put a together a list of things to know before visiting Uganda, the pearl of Africa. 

  1. Weather 

The climate in Uganda is tropical, although it boarders the equator the weather is tolerable due to the high altitude and bodies of water.  The country is gifted with holiday weather with temperatures averaging around 27°C/81°F in the afternoon and 16°C/61°F in the morning. 

The best time to travel to Uganda is during the dry seasons and these are from December to February and June to August. Rainy seasons from March till May and October till November. Light rain season falls in November and December. 

  • Do I need a Visa?

Yes, you certainly need a visa and this can be obtained either online or at arrival. However, we recommend to apply  online for an ‘e-visa’.  The cost for a Visa is $50, if you’re obtaining your visa on arrival we highly emphasis to ensure you have the exact amount as you’re likely to not be granted your change. If you wish to visit another East African country, you can apply for an East African tourist visa. This covers Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda and it is valid for 90 days.  We highly advice to allow sufficient time when applying for a visa, because you can never know. 

  • Language 

Uganda is a multilingual country, with an estimated forty native languages grouped into Bantu, Nilotic and Central Sudanic. It’s official languages are English, Swahili and Luganda and these are widely spoken across the country. Luganda is predominantly spoken in the central by the people of Buganda.  Some few important phases you should note include:, Hey-Jumbo, Thank you- Neyanziza…. 

  • Hospitality 

This landlocked country has previously been described as the most “friendliest” country globally following a survey in 2017. I’m sure we won’t be the first or last to say but Ugandans love tourists and they will be sure to show you and tell you, so we ask you to just embrace it and just give the love back. Everyone who has a chance to visit Uganda, is always mind blown by the hospitality and the warm welcomes from the people of Uganda.

5.    Malaria 

Malaria is common in Uganda and like any other trip, precautions must be adhered too. Malaria is serious and it can be fatal. Please seek advice from your doctor in regards to medication and general information on travel vaccinations and steps to take in preventive measures. 

6.    What currency do I need when in Uganda?

The official currency in Uganda is Ugandan shillings (UGX). The US dollar, Euro and sterling are all recognised and these can be exchanged at any bank or Forex bureau. To get the best exchange rate whilst in Uganda please visit Speke hotel right behind bank of Uganda along Speke road.

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