Environment And Sustainability

Protecting our environment is critically more urgent than ever before, therefore we as a society need to change most of the choices we make, a new era of responsiveness on the sensitivity of the conservation of the environment is vital for a sustainable tour, a new breed of travelling has to be created, for people who want to have a reduction on the impact they have on the environment as they travel.

Banange tours have the potential and capacity to increase public appreciation of the environment and to spread awareness of environmental problems when it brings people into closer contact with nature and the environment. This confrontation may heighten awareness of the value of nature and lead to environmentally conscious behaviour and activities to preserve the environment. Sustainability is not only evolving around climate change, but sustainable tourism is also that tourism that takes full count of the present and future economic, social and environmental impacts, maintaining the needs of the visitors, the industry, the environment and the host local people. Therefore, Banange Tours is eager to work hand in hand with the community to ensure that the environment and the indigenous cultures of the community are preserved for the next generation and for a better and safe world for us all.

Current Project

  • Make Mabamba, More Greener.

Mabamba village is home for many endemic water birds and a place to find the endangered shoebill stork. Mabamba is an important birding and bio-diversity area that was launched as a Ramsar site in 2006. In recent years, the locals have engaged in activities that give them small economic benefits at the expanse of long term negative impacts on the environment. We’re committed to restoring Mabamba through increased support for the return of the trees and species.  By adding £0.50p or £1:00 (optional) on your booking, you are supporting our ‘plant a tree scheme’, helping to restore and transform the village and our ecosystem for future generations to come.

Social Responsibility

Banangetours recognizes the true factor that as it is involved in the tourism sector of the overall economy there is need to engage in a wide range of social responsibility programs so as to invest back in the community in which we operate. We surely know through our social responsibility program we can ultimately and cautiously assist in improving peoples’ lives. We understand that if we are to contribute to development in a sustainable manner, we need to support numerous community activities. For example:

  • Maintaining and enhancing community prosperity and quality of life in the face of change
  • Engaging the local people with our customers for the benefit of the local community
  • Conserving and giving value to natural and cultural heritage
  • Making responsible, clean, and educative tourism for both the customer and the local people
  • Using tourism as a tool in Global Sustainable Development
  • Advise our customers to locally owned accommodation and buy products from the local people
  • Giving back 10% of our profit  to the community for the betterment and development of the local people

Banangetours intends to be involved in corporate social responsibility through, aiming to assist in reclaiming the tourism industry for the long-term prosperity of the local people, the environment, travellers and the tourism industry. The entire proposition of our business is to distribute and market many responsible tours, thus creating more jobs for the local people, greater income for the local people, and expansion in the benefits for conservation, at the same time reducing negative impacts on local environments and cultural heritage. We take our responsibilities directly to the environment, local communities, customers, partners and employees very seriously and we will encourage all these entities to jealously protect the environment through organizing cleaning campaigns with various communities, and advising the community on the benefit of the reduction of a carbon footprint on the environment.

Current Project

  • Homestay experiences

Travelling to any country within the African continent is considered expensive, though you would be surprised to find an African traveller who didn’t believe it was worth every penny.

Choosing to tour with us, we help you to save some money on your trip, at the same time providing meaningful authentic opportunities through supporting local business and tourism. On some of our packages, we offer optional opportunities to live with a local family in their homes, that they have opened for homestay experiences. This exchange of cultures promotes economic benefits, ownership and empowerment among locals and largely promotes a sustainable community. We continue to promote this attitude along with our travels through pit-stops in rural towns and villages to eat, shop and exchange stories with the locals.