Ugandan Cooking Experience (1 Day)

Ugandan Cooking Experience (1 Day)

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There is no better way of knowing a culture than through its cuisine.
Be global but eat local.There’s no better way of knowing a country’s culture than through its local cuisine.


Food here is influenced by Indian, Arab, English and Asian cuisine, with the local specialty being stew. Staple food varies in each region but generally consists of a grain, meat and sauce. Luwombo is a traditional Ugandan dish that is a stew made from beef, chicken, mushrooms or fish that is steamed in banana leaves and you will have a chance to prepare this dish.



Day Programme
The day will include a visit to a local traditional market and an introduction to Ugandan ingredients and flavours. You will return from the market and prepare signature Ugandan dishes in your host’s family home. Later, you will enjoy a communal lunch of you own creations. Afternoon will include, preparations of Ugandan tea and snacks. You get to learn and get involved in the preparation of Ugandan donuts, pancakes and chapatis

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What’s included:





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