Things you need to know before visiting Uganda?

Like any other trip, it is always handy to know a bit about the country and area of destination. That’s why we thought to put a together a list of things to know before visiting Uganda, the pearl of Africa.  … Continue reading

Why Uganda is Africa’s heaven

Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa to the Seychelles in the oceans, Morocco, Egypt to the West of Africa Ghana, Senegal, and to the small island of Sao Tome and Principe. We’ll admit, the competition for the title of Africa’s best country … Continue reading

Uganda- My African Home <3

As a young person living and working in London I find that we can get caught up within ourselves and can find it difficult to switch off from work mode. It is also a competitive environment where judgement is thrown … Continue reading

Banange… Welcome

A microenterprise team, passionate and dynamic about communicating Uganda’s unparalleled beauty to the rest of the world. Our aim is to work tirelessly across the full width and breadth of Uganda to deliver a memorable experience for you to experience. … Continue reading